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Question: Do I still need my pool filter and cleaner?

Answer: Yes. The Chlorine Geni makes high grade chlorine and dispenses it into your pool for you automatically so you no longer have to buy, store or handle pool chemicals. It does not vacuum or skim your pool.

Question: How does the Chlorine Geni get the chlorine and pH adjusting chemicals into the pool?

Answer: It's a gravity fed system with a dedicated feeder line to dispense the chlorine into your pool.

Question: How do I adjust my chlorine level?

Answer: The Chlorine Geni has an easy to use timer -- similar to the ones you buy at the hardware store for turning lamps on and off -- all you do is set the "on and off" times. More time for more chlorine and less time for less chlorine. We do all the calculations and set the time for you when we install your Chlorine Factory.

Question: How do I "shock" the pool?

Answer: Simply set the timer to run for 24 hours, this will shock your pool, then simply reset the timer back to normal operation.

Question: How do I adjust the pH level?

Answer: The Chlorine Geni makes it easy to adjust your pH (although you probably won't have to) all you do is simply adjust the pH adjustment knob to either raise or lower your pH level.

Question: How much salt will it take? And how much will the salt cost?

Answer: The Chlorine Geni salt tank can hold 100 lbs of salt that you can purchase at any hardware store for about $5. The Chlorine Geni can keep your pool sparkling clean and pure for about 6 months from a hundred pounds of salt!

Question: Are there any negatives about the Chlorine Geni?

Answer: The only things you could possibly label as a negative is the 2 minutes a month you spend to clean the unit, and that every 3 years you'll need to replace a water filter membrane that costs about $15.

Question: Who do I call if my Chlorine Geni stops working or needs to be repaired?

Answer: In the unlikely event that something stops working, you're covered. The Chlorine Geni comes with a 5 Year Warranty so you can rest assured your covered. Just give us a call and we'll send out a service man right away.

Question: Why haven't I heard about the Chlorine Geni before?

Answer: Two reasons: First, we are a relatively small company, and have chosen to stay that way so we can give all of our customers the highest possible level of service in the industry. Second, we don't sell the Chlorine Factory through pool supply stores because we prefer not to have middlemen marking up the price. We'd rather pass the savings on to you!
Here's the Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers.
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